How To Overcome A Common Family Disagreement

One of the main things that the parents of the Butterfly Homeschool have been in disagreement with the students about is the look and smell of their…

  • bathroom
  • bedrooms
  • personal grooming

I am sure that many families go through the same thing. Here are some solutions we came up with to try to help us all get on the same page without the screaming and tears. lol

For the smell part of this equation, we have found a line of fragrant natural products that we like.

The girls found a truly girly scent that both of them like. They use it for their room and on their clothing (and in their hair, too, sometimes).

image of Fresh Sheets & Me 8oz - Pink Friday Scent

Our girls love the Pink Friday scent for the Fresh Sheets & Me multi-purpose natural spray/mist

violet summer oil fragrance butterflyhomeschool

Our Family (Now) Loves To Smell Good With Help From:

We decided to try out samples of natural fragrances. Violet was one of the ones that I did not like, but that the kids enjoyed. So now they keep the little oil bottles in their bathroom. I purchased an aroma /oil lamp for my office, and now I’ll need to buy the kids one for their bathroom, too.

image of Sunset Aroma Lamp #ButterflyHomeschool

Adding this beautiful lamp to my home office (in the laundry room) provided a fragrant solution for laundry days.

So, I am happy to announce that the kids and the house are smelling better.

In my opinion, the residual effect is that the house is also neater and cleaner. It seems that since we started upleveling our home and personal aromas, the kids (and the parents) have become more conscious about how our house and personal grooming is looking. Who would have thought this would happen?!

Hopefully, you will try out samples from Smell Good Spa or another of your fav places, too, and let your kids decide which scents they like the best for their personal space in the home.

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT: How have you overcome similar disagreements in your family?

Thanks for reading!


Donna Marie Johnson, Mommy Butterfly

2 thoughts on “How To Overcome A Common Family Disagreement

  1. Thank you for this great post, and shining the light on my creations. I knew that could happen! Truly, our products are the cherry on top of one’s live good, feel good, smell good experience. Violet was a favorite of many women this summer, like you, it wasn’t for my body chemistry, but I did enjoy the fragrance in the lamp – the scent throw was nice throughout our home. It’s always my pleasure to serve you and your beautiful children.


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