2020’s Extended Back to School Season

As I write this, I am celebrating the launch of 2 of 3 out of our nest, temporarily, because the colleges are closing down from Thanksgiving through the New Year. I am just grateful that they at least get a couple of months on campus this year… with social distancing, masks, and lots of hand cleaning.

For our one who is still home doing virtual school, we are being innovative to find ways to safely get her out of the house this semester… before it gets cold. I have considered just taking a long road trip and making sure we have a back-up battery and plenty of charging cords with us so she can get her schoolwork done from the road. I have also thought about getting her involved in horseback riding or tennis, which are easy to do with social distancing. I have no idea which, if any, of these options will actually stick, but I know I cannot make her just stay in the house all of the time, so, we’ll get it figured out.

2020 has caused a lot of anxiety for all of us. We have to face the challenges of uncertainty and of unexpected changes, and it is quite an adjustment for us.

How about you and yours? Where are your young scholars learning this year… at home, on campus, on the road, or something else? What extracurriculars are you doing safely?

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Previous articles provided resource suggestions to help parents in this super tough year. Make sure you check out the parent resources articles and let me know which one of them has been helpful.

Anxiety can be dangerous for you and for your kids, especially being together more due to COVID-19.

Also, I want to encourage you to learn to identify and deal with anxiety, for yourself and for your children. I wrote articles previously about how it can cause a lot of problems if it’s not dealt with in a healthy way as quickly as possible. Especially due to the altered nature of the 2020 school year due to COVID, dealing with anxiety now is critical.

I recently had a conversation with a wise Mom & Grandmom. She stated that having regular family meetings is important. And she said it’s even more important to give everyone an opportunity to share their feelings, without judgement and with empathetic responses. This is something we were already doing regularly, to discuss chores mostly, but now we also incorporate the feelings sharing. It has been very helpful.

I pray that you and yours are adjusting well and staying safe as you live through this pandemic era.

ARCHIVE FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YEARS – Family Pose Before Nature Walk / Hike @ Sweetwater Creek #ButterflyHomeschool Field Trip

[RESOURCE 2] Back to School 2020 Support for Parents



*Resource No. 1

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has been contributing questions and suggesting resources. My goal is to help parents by sharing information about resources for parents as they learn their options for a safe and healthy 2020-2021 school year.


If you care about and help communities, families, and children, please attend and share this free virtual home school resource fair event sponsored by CareSource and organized by Teresa Wright Johnson that is focused towards caring for them all.

Event Link:


If you are reading this and know of other helpful resources, or if you just have a specific resource need, go to my first blog post in this series and use the form to send me a message with your resource request or resource suggestion.

“…I am not endorsing these resources. I am not an affiliate of these resources. I am simply connecting parents with resources that may be helpful, but they need to still vet each resource prior to use…”

~ Donna Marie Johnson, Mom of Butterfly Homeschool


If you are a parent of a young reader or a reader who is struggling, there are resources to support you as you help them overcome their reading challenges. We went through this process with one of our readers, and now she is getting all A’s and language arts are where she gets her highest grades and testing scores.

Young and/or Struggling Reader Articles:

Again, thank you for caring about the needs of parents and their families. Please share this information with someone who could use it to help them through these strange and trying times.

[UPDATED] Parents What Do You Need Right Now?

As we enter our 2020 Back to School season, parents, what do you need right now? Watch this video and reply by leaving a comment if you have a specific need that you want help with, and/or if you have a resource suggestion to help others.

UPDATE – The resource list is growing. The first one has now been posted here on the blog.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/DeBHLBjZTbI