Support For Homeschoolers in South Fulton

If you or a family you love is homeschooling in Atlanta or the South Fulton region, please save the date and join us. Also, use the sharing links on this page to pass on this information quickly and easily.

There is an event announcement about a venue change for the upcoming 4th Sunday monthly meeting that has been held at Wolf Creek Library for most of 2015.

Homeschool Support Meeting will be at

Time and Date: 2:30pm on Sunday 10/25 at

Club E Atlanta

Address: 3707 Main St College Park, GA 30337

Learn more about this awesome support group and event at this link:



Exciting Spring 2014

Over the past month, our family has had some interesting adventures. We will summarize them here and share a bit.

Before we do, can we ask you for a favor? Will you leave a comment and let us know about your family’s adventures, too? We know we are not the only folks who have fun hanging out together and want to hear about your stories, too.

Okay, so, here is what we’ve been up to:

In April, our very generous friend, Kamilah, founder of the One Talent org for girls, invited us to her very generous employer’s headquarters offices in Atlanta. We had a blast, and the food was way beyond our expectations. Thanks, Kamilah and Chick-Fil-A!

digital scrapbook tour of Chick-fil-A headquarters

#FieldTrip #ChickFilA #ButterflyHomeschool

We also started our Tennis Co-Op / Physical Education Co-Op so that we can have fun while learning with other families. One of the awesome things we learned helped us to get started now, instead of waiting until we have all of our gear in place: when tennis was first invented, it was played by hand. So, no tennis racquets were needed on our first day. However, we are planning to buy them as a group with the other families so that we can save on the price a bit.


#WeLoveTennis #ButterflyHomeschool

We were so happy that our local Atlanta-Fulton Public Library system had so many books about tennis on their shelves. We recommended a couple on the PE Co-Op page (click to go see what we are doing in the co-op and the books, too).

Speaking of the library, one of the main things that we do every season of the year is to read, read and read some more. Here is a snapshot of less than half of the books we checked out last month.


Book reports have already been written, and the kids are now learning the basics of blogging so that they can start sharing them with you, our readers.

What about you: what are you reading right now?

I hope you like our brief update. Leave a comment and let us know what you and your family has been doing and reading this Spring.


Donna Marie, Mommy at the

Physical Education – Keeping It Simple

In previous years, the #ButterflyHomeschool founded and ran a Physical Education Co-Op in College Park, Georgia. After we re-located to a new home, we didn’t start the Co-Op back up because we needed to get used to our new community. We also didn’t want to do a new group the same way we did the old one. We wanted to keep it simple this time. So, on that note, here is what you can expect.


  • *Registration is via Eventbrite so that I don’t have to keep sending individual emails or Facebook messages to each parent.
  • *For Spring 2014, we’ll be focused just on Tennis, instead of just having general recess/playground time, like we used to do in the old group.
  • *We will have a group buy opportunity to help families who are interested in saving money by coming together on costs for equipment and lessons / coaching.
  • *We have announced the dates and times for our upcoming Tennis Co-Op activities for April and May on Eventbrite.


Within the event registration area, I have shared more details about what you can expect, but below I will share some of the highlights that you probably will want to be aware of before you register:

  • When you register, make sure you register one chaperone and up to a maximum of 5 children. Then in the box indicated, you will be able to list the full names and ages of each child.
  • Make sure you read the registration form carefully. We have included a required waiver and permission/consent form as part of the registration.
  • Make sure you sign up for the group buy opportunity, if you believe that you’d like to save money on sports equipment and lessons.
  • Each adult chaperone must have legal custody or legal guardianship of each child they register.
  • Know that, as a mom who has lead a PE Co-Op before, I know that discipline issues (i.e., lack of parental guidance and/or bullying) can become a huge problem and destroy the whole atmosphere of the group. So, we have a clearly stated zero tolerance policy and warning system, which is detailed on the waiver and consent form.


  • As mentioned above, the zero tolerance policy and warning system information is included on the registration waiver and consent form.
  • Location details will only be sent privately to each adult chaperone who has registered and verified their identity by way of signing the waiver and consent form.
  • We will verify each adult chaperone’s identity. If we find that someone may not be who they say they are, their registration may be cancelled prior to sending out our meeting location details.


Use the contact form to reach out to us by email or call / text Donna at 678-861-8121