Effective Way To Handle Anxiety in Homeschool

The previous post shared about how anxiety has been a problem for us during homeschool:
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One of the main things we started doing to handle anxiety better on purpose at the start of our homeschooling days is by opening up with praise and worship. This one thing helps us in so many ways. The main thing praise does is to prevent anxiety before it can even get us going each day, but it can also help sweep it away after it has started.

3 Truths Praise Helps You Remember

Praise and worship helps you remember who and whose you are.

1. Stay Grateful

Praise reminds you to keep an attitude of gratitude, instead of complaining when things don’t go as expected. And with all the unexpected that happens daily in homeschool, praise has become a NEED for us. It is not just a good idea, but an actual craving and need. Ever heard of the hymn that says…

“As the dear panteth for the water, so my soul longs after you…”?

2. Father God Loves and Never Forgets You

Praise reminds you that you belong to the Great and Only Wise and Loving Father God who never leaves you and never forgets the details about your homeschool or life needs.

3. God’s Love Flows Through You For Others

Praise as a group reminds you that you are not just connected by blood, but also by the blood of Jesus. This helps us live out the True Love Walk. Being reminded of our divine connection with Him and each other helps us walk in grace and love with each other. This shapes how I parent, how I teach and how I partner with my husband. It sets the atmosphere of our home and homeschool and reduces anxiety not just for me, but for the children, too.

Resources For Praise And Worship


We are creating our own video playlist of songs that include the lyrics to help us sing along. I have to set this up for them because this site has other music that is not parent approved, too. If you use Apple TV, you can show your video playlists on your tv and enhance the worship experience for yourself and your children.


The children have found some songs that they love on this site which is totally focused only on providing worship music. They have been able to find some great videos as a result of using this site. We prefer not to use YouTube directly, but using the weareworship site helps us find great YouTube videos that don’t have the ads and other video previews and thumbnails that we don’t want the children to see.

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Music Education

The children enjoy making their own instruments (usually they’ll use closed containers of grains or salt as shaker noise makers). They also love using instruments that they have received as gifts to play along during some songs. They also sing along, sometimes by using videos that include the lyrics on-screen. And, of course, they love to dance, too. For the most part, I step aside and let them enjoy this experience together, but sometimes I join in with them. However, if I take part, I try to stay in the background as a participant and allow them to lead it out. Each child is required to choose and lead one song.

How Do You Celebrate God’s Love In Your Homeschool?

Please use the comments area to share how your family stays reminded of God’s love and grace and mercy over your lives. What works well for you and your children to stay focused and avoid anxiety … or to deal with anxiety after it has started rearing its ugly head?


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~ Donna Marie, The Mommy of Butterfly Homeschool

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Each Child Can Learn To Use Their One Talent

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Our family’s #ButterflyHomeschool is blessed to be part of a wonderful ministry called One Talent, Inc. and The Believe Movement. One Talent is based out of Club E Atlanta at 3707 Main St in College Park, GA. The founders are Jo Ann Allen (also General Manager of Club E) and Kamilah “Milah” Burrow (Christian recording artist).


Christian Recording Artist, Milah, has recorded “Believe In Yourself” to inspire girls to shoot for the stars, which releases at a special event on July 26th.

During the One Talent meetings on most weekends, our kids have been learning how to sing and dance and more from Milah and the One Talent Volunteers. They are also receiving training and mentorship on important life and leadership topics including faith, finances, character building, personal hygiene and beauty care and much more.

Also, the anti-bullying campaign is really important to us. We are glad to be a part and pray that you and all of our friends will support us and #TheBelieveMovement by buying t-shirts and tickets and sharing with your friends and family.

Dance practice for #ButterflyHomeschool with One Talent at Club E

Dance practice for #ButterflyHomeschool with One Talent at Club E


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Finally, on Monday June 30th, listen to the podcast interview with Jo Ann Allen on AuthorDonnaMarie ‘s podcast show called #MarketLikeAQueen at Podcast.MarketLikeAQueen.com, and hear how bullying impacted the Allen family in a personal way.