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This summer has been a great time for us to enjoy the weather and get some great tans. We have been learning to swim at a local community pool and then using our swim skills while on vacation. Check out our article about swimming and more at this link.

We also have been learning to sing and dance as members of the One Talent ministry led by recording artist Milah, her mom and co-founder Jo Ann Allen, the step dance teacher Lenae Green and a host of other volunteers and parents that make this one of the best youth organizations Atlanta has ever seen. Check out our article about One Talent at this link.

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We are excited that for our PE Co-Op this Spring, we’ll be learning all about Tennis – both by head knowledge and by muscle memory.

If your family would like to join us here in College Park, Georgia USA, please use the event button on this page to register so that we will be able to send you the details. We are keeping our exact location private and will only provide it to folks who verify their identity during registration.


  • BASIC BEGINNER’S TENNIS: The parents will teach their own children the rules and help each other with practice during our time together during the co-op event days.
  • ARTICLE: Read the article I posted called “Physical Education – Keeping It Simple”
  • RULES: What are the rules of tennis? You can search on google or wikipedia or click to download pdf document.
    • For younger children, like our 8 year old, we recommend finding some great fun books that are easy for them to read and get excited about the sport of tennis. See our recommended reading list below.
  • UPDATES: We had a great time as a family when we met in April. We never did connect with any of the other family’s that signed up due to scheduling conflicts and health interruptions, but we enjoyed going as a family. Maybe we’ll try this again in the future, but only if we can partner with existing co-ops or organizations that can help us find more families who would be available to join us.


Real World Math - Tennis - Amazon Kindle Download Available. Just Click Here.

Real World Math – Tennis – Amazon Kindle Download Available. Just Click Image.


How to Play Tennis by Venus and Serena Williams

How to Play Tennis by Venus and Serena Williams


Donna (Mommy) and Kids (Justine, Samuel and Charity)

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