Resource List For Homeschool Families



If you would like to learn about resources you can use to help with your homeschooling journey and with connecting locally, please have a look at the following:

* To start legally homeschooling in Georgia, you must read the laws and follow the guidelines set by the Georgia State Department of Education –


* Google Doc – Shared Local Resources Listing –

* South Fulton Homeschoolers Support Group


I have been a part of a very supportive community called Christian Homeschool Moms. I am one of the contributing writers in this wonderful, blessed group of women.



In the state of Georgia (and in other states that legally support homeschooling), there are lots of resources to help reduce costs for access to public learning resources. These can be resources such as museums, public parks, and even online learning resources.

In our blog, we have shared about some of these resources, so please have a look at our articles for any specific topics that may be of interest to your homeschoolers. Make sure you follow this blog so that you can receive our updates by email, also.

Recommended Resource – Testing

One of these resources we have used for several years is Seton Testing. They have standardized testing that can be used in most states. They also provide customer support. Check them out at:

  • Our Testing Story: All of our children were homeschooled and used SetonTesting during elementary school. All of them placed in the top of their classes when we shifted to charter and public schools for middle and high schools. Our oldest two now have full scholarships for great colleges. So, don’t let anyone tell you that homeschool is not effective, it is when you take the time to learn and connect with appropriate resources that meet your children’s needs.

Recommended Resource – GPB Discovery Education

One of these resources that friends told us about is called Discovery Education. Through the Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) website, we have received complimentary access to this highly valuable resource because we are a legally registered homeschool in the state of Georgia.

If you would like to request access for your homeschool, here is who to contact to learn more about the program:

Jascenda Pasley, Admin at GPB

2020 Update on the GPB Discovery Partnership – article link click here

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