Very Personal Family Celebration of Juneteenth

I discovered the names of fugitive slaves in our family who were later emancipated #Juneteenth #freedom #ancestry


My father researched our genealogy & passed that job to me before he went to heaven. As I recently discovered the names of escaped slaves in our family, my heart leaped. I can only imagine how Juneteenth would have made their hearts leap to no longer be fugitives.

Sam Smith (left), Family History Researcher

I am now passing down research to my children, too. Knowledge is power. Understanding how your own family fits into history is truly powerful.

Creating New Black History For All American Kids

DO BETTER MOVEMENT – CREATING NEW BLACK HISTORY – This is the perfect way for #ButterflyHomeschool to start out our 2014 blog posts. Please read and share on how we can get our media outlets on board with creating a…

New Black History for All American Kids.

Black History is American History. And the most important history is the one that is created every day in our kids’ lives. ALL of our kids’ lives are impacted, no matter what color their skin happens to be. Reach out to your media outlets and let them know that you will no longer put up with genocide by destructive media targeted at your kids and loved one’s kids.

Yes, We Can DO BETTER for All American Kids’ Benefit.

Check out this ad placed by a concerned citizen… let’s promote a New Black History.

Download New Black History preview Michael and Connie Smith

Click Image To Download New Black History preview Michael and Connie Smith

To Read The Full Document – Click Here


This movement called “Do Better” was started by Pastors Michael T. and Connie Smith of Jacksonville, Florida USA