Over The Top Leadership


My kids have been blessed to live life a bit differently than some of the other kids in our community just because they are home-schooled; but also because of some tough choices that their daddy and I have made over the years. We decided to emulate leadership for them… radical leadership. When we started homeschooling, we hardly knew anyone that was doing it. Now we know lots of families who choose to school at home.


Over the years, we have come to know awesome parents who are also doing things differently, even if they are not schooling from home. I applaud all of the parents out there who are stepping up to teach and show their kids how to be leaders, instead of just being led by peer pressure.

One of these parents is Magaline Harvey, whose oldest daughter is Kiersten. She has befriended our oldest, Justine, and it is awesome to watch my oldest girl’s friendship with this beautiful bright girl grow. It makes me remember when I was young and started becoming close friends with one of my schoolmates. I know how important that is for youth to have like-minded friends with families that have similar values in their lives.


We want to just give a shout out to Kiersten on the leadership role she has taken to pursue a singing career from a young age. Bravo Sweetie! She has been blessed by supportive parents who are allowing her to follow her dream and become a BOSS Kid (Donna’s translation = an Over the Top Radical Leader). Check her out in this newly released video from the singing group that she is a part of, L.O.U.D.

boss kid video preview image

Video – BOSS Kid – Single by L.O.U.D. (Link Opens Our Playlist Page)

(‘Live Out Ur Dreams’ – Group founded by AGI)  Congrats to my friend, Mom Magaline Harvey, and

to the Founder and Pro Team from AGI: Brandin Jay, Natarsha Kinder-Garcia and everyone involved.


Support your young folks who are pursuing their dreams – who are seeking to be radical leaders by doing so. Teach them how to lead and then leave room for their gifts to come forth in whatever way God chooses to use them. Guide them and give them the proper foundation in God’s Word. Then let them emerge and soar – without coddling, judging or shunning them. Us older folks don’t always understand the creativity of the younger generations, but we need to move out of the way and let God do His Thing through them.


Charity (8) said that she liked the music and outfits. Justine and Samuel (12 and 10) said that they liked to hear them talking about being leaders and being responsible.


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~Donna Marie, The Mommy of #ButterflyHomeschool