Very Personal Family Celebration of Juneteenth

I discovered the names of fugitive slaves in our family who were later emancipated #Juneteenth #freedom #ancestry


My father researched our genealogy & passed that job to me before he went to heaven. As I recently discovered the names of escaped slaves in our family, my heart leaped. I can only imagine how Juneteenth would have made their hearts leap to no longer be fugitives.

Sam Smith (left), Family History Researcher

I am now passing down research to my children, too. Knowledge is power. Understanding how your own family fits into history is truly powerful.

Grateful For Freedom To Homeschool


We are grateful for the freedom to make educational choices as a family that fit with God’s vision and purpose for our family. We are grateful that we clearly understand why we are learning, and it is not because the law requires it.


We shared the Purpose for Our Homeschool:

To Read #ButterflyHomeschool Purpose – Click Here

“Point your kids in the right direction — when they’re old they won’t be lost.”

~Proverbs 22:6 (MSG)

We fully understand that this is our job and can’t be left up to

professional educators or children’s ministries.

We are grateful for the help of dedicated educators and ministers to supplement what

Father God has called us to do as stewards over these, His Children’s lives.

They came from Him in Heaven. He sent them to us here on Earth, but they belong to Him.

We are just their primary caretakers and mentors here on Earth.

So, as the stewards or managers of their education,

We are grateful to be free to choose when, how, where, what, and with whom we learn day by day.


Even though we do school at home most days,

we are free to learn wherever we happen to be.

This gives us great joy and is one of our best freedoms.

We shared about our recent adventures:

–we used our swimming skills we’ve learned this summer during our vacation

–we were trained in CPR at the local firehouse and got a tour of it, also.


We have an untraditional schedule which is centered around

the Daddy’s work schedule and the Mommy’s business schedule.

During the summer months and holiday seasons,

we usually modify our schedule to learn, as we have fun and stay active,

which we share about on our Adventures Page.


During the traditional school semesters (Fall, Winter, Spring),

we focus on learning in an integrated way and from a Biblical perspective.

For this year, we invested in a Bible-based curriculum called


which has received a lot of great reviews, especially from larger families,

such as the Duggar Family, who talked about it in their book.

We hope that sharing about our journey of freedom as a homeschool family is a blessing to you. And hope that you’ll share about your journey with educating your kids, even if you don’t homeschool.


How about you and your family? What freedom are you and your family grateful for today?


We are grateful for YOU. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

~Johnson Family #ButterflyHomeschool