[UPDATE] #ButterflyHomeschool Storytime

VIDEO via VIMEO APP or via Youtube (whichever you prefer)

 #StoryTime with #fosterdog @SmileyQueenMaggie

UPDATE: I started a storytime series of videos. I hope to get others involved, also. If you’d like to share with your children or grandchildren or a friends’ children, please follow me and re-post what I am sharing.


Amazon provides a deeper discount on book titles that are new releases in their “First Reads” program for Amazon Prime members. I recently ordered (at close to half price) a beautiful new book called:

“Bear and Fred: A World War II Story” by Iris Argaman

The preview section includes the following quote from the book:

I felt Fred’s small hand grab me. He patted me and whispered, “Bear, I won’t leave you here by yourself. You are my best friend.”

~ Iris Argaman

I am super-excited to read to/for your kids. Let me know how this helps. And, if you plan to share some videos of book readings on your instagram, please follow me and tag me so that I can reshare.

God bless. Stay safe. Please keep your kids edu-tained so that they stay interested in learning until the new school year in the Fall.


Here is my affiliate link to the book via Amazon, and they may compensate me if you buy the book. Current price is discounted, but I am not sure how long that will last.