[Learning Challenges Part 2] How Do You Help Your Kids Love Writing?

This article discusses how we are now learning to love writing in the #ButterflyHomeschool and ask for your help.

Before we moved this blog over to wordpress.com, I shared a ‘victory dance’ video post about learning challenges our young reader had overcome. She is a fluent reader now. Yeah!… but, that’s not the end of our story. Here is…

Learning Challenges Part 2

‪#‎ButterflyHomeschool‬ is tackling creative writing nowadays. For our young one, we’ve started using a story starter tool on the  Chateau MeddyBemps website to help Mommy help the baby really learn to love writing.

This site is great because she has had anxiety about all things language learning, and their illustrations are fun and inviting and fun for her.


It’s weird (to me) that she’s still anxious about it even though she overcame her reading challenges (serious dyslexia symptoms but no formal diagnosis), and now is a fluent reader. I don’t really fully get why she has been anxious, but I am working over time to learn what I have to do to help her get past it.


If you have had similar challenges, please comment and help me out by answering the following questions:

  • What writing resources have you found for your reading challenged child?
  • How do you help to soothe their anxiety when it is time to work on language learning assignments?
  • Where have you found articles or books on this topic that have helped?
  • Any other comments?

Even though I did successfully teach her how to read, and publicly celebrated her victory in a past video post, now this new hurdle with her writing has kind of thrown me for an unexpected loop. I thought we had conquered it all, but I guess the reading was just our first stepping stone to help her learn to love learning language skills.

Thanks in advance for reading and for sharing your answers and feedback!

~Donna Marie Johnson, The Mommy at #ButterflyHomeschool

P.S. I’ll repost that victory video again, soon, once we’ve made more progress on building up this new blog site.

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