Our Latest Adventures


During the Fall Season, we have been a bit more low-key than we were in the Spring and Summer, but have still found ways to have fun together and stay active in this unseasonably cold, mild weather. We have shared about some of our latest adventures on the blog. To check out the latest article, click the link below:

Christmas Play Ideas #ButterflyHomeschool

Also, here is a very short video we shared from one of our Fall adventures:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This summer has been a great time for us to enjoy the weather and get some great tans. We have been learning to swim at a local community pool and then using our swim skills while on vacation. Check out our article about swimming and more at this link.

We also have been learning to sing and dance as members of the One Talent ministry led by recording artist Milah, her mom and co-founder Jo Ann Allen, the step dance teacher Lenae Green and a host of other volunteers and parents that make this one of the best youth organizations Atlanta has ever seen. Check out our article about One Talent at this link.

tennis art butterflyhomeschool v2a

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